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"Pure Water" Baby Wipes Travel Pack

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Our Piyo Piyo pure water wipes are great for any little one mess. Cleaning a newborn baby's delicate skin requires the mildest, gentlest care possible, to avoid skin sensitization problems. Why not provide nothing but the best for your little one?

SKU: 880246

  • Pure Water Baby Wipes are gentle to use on baby's delicate skin.
  • Containing only purified water, plant extracts, and moisturizing agents, these hypoallergenic wipes are soft and safe to use on baby's face and thick enough for diaper duty. 
  • Free of chlorine, alcohol, parabens, SLES and dyes 
  • Ideal for diaper changes, feedings and cleaning up on-the-go
  • Flip top opening to retain moisture and to ensure each wipe is as fresh as the last.

Material: Rayon


  • Purified water 
  • Moisturizing agent 
  • Plant extract

Dimensions (L x W): 20 cm x 15 cm (8 in x 6 in)

Volume: 20 sheets

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